The Science:

Behavioral Nudges

Scientifically proven to create long-term behavior change

A smartphone is the ideal delivery channel for seamlessly introducing social behavioral nudges

Hey,Charlie helps to implement and reinforce recovery strategies when they are needed

Digital Biomarkers

These are quantitative metrics that provide an unparalleled opportunity to understand the recovery process like never before

The vital signs of recovery

Hey,Charlie is a pioneer in leveraging the potential of digital biomarkers, using artificial intelligence for truly personalized support

My clients enjoy when I share the Hey,Charlie reports with them. We walk through the results together as a way to track their progress.
Lisa Robideau
Genesis Counseling Services

Hey,Charlie for Personalized Support

Hey,Charlie facilitates personalized recovery strategies through simple, actionable metrics

A low burden solution that translates to high retention rates

Real-time notifications enable recovery professionals to reach out and intervene when help is needed

Work towards tangible goals and drive actionable discussions with clear, longitudinal reports

We want to help you, better help people.

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We take privacy seriously.

Hey,Charlie is designed around security and is compliant with HIPAA and CFR Title 42: Part 2

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