The Hey,Charlie App

The comma symbolizes a moment of pause, a reminder to take a second and make sure you’re in charge

Hey,Charlie is a recovery tool that runs in the background of your smartphone

It’s like having a friend on your shoulder: helping out with accurately timed support when you need it

It helps you stay mindful of who you talk to and where you go without judgement so you can make the best decisions for your recovery

You Decide: by answering a few questions, you tell Hey,Charlie how to act

We want to help people in recovery stay in recovery, that’s why the Hey,Charlie app is totally free to download and use!

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Connecting with Hey,Charlie

Hey,Charlie Integrates with Care Teams

Hey,Charlie gives you the ability to share your progress with your support team so you can work together towards your goals!

Hey,Charlie For Family and Friends

Not everyone has a professional support team, and we’re there for those people too!

Hey,Charlie enables those around you to help you better


We take privacy seriously.

Hey,Charlie is designed so that no one (even the Hey,Charlie team) will ever know who you are or who you’re talking to. That info doesn’t leave your phone

We want you to live your life on your terms

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